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about my frens :)
06 August 2011 | 3:10 PM | 0 comments
haiy ! gud evening sume . arini kite nak cite pasal kawan kite . emm tetibe windu pulak at doang . kite sayang doang ni ketatketat . at skool kalau takde doang ni , sunyi id0p kite . jum kenal gn doang ni :) k de first one . .

this is my bestie forever & also my classmate . her name is nor hazirah . very sweet name . we start to be a bestie in dis year ,  2011 (!) she is very nice girl , also de very very talkative and happy go lucky ! i am always smile when be with her . she always coax me when i cry bcoz of sumone . haha like a baby . she very cutesss ~ (sebab tu en-2 minat) hehe :P dear . i kn0w now we have a lil pr0blem right ? i hope u forgive me :'/  i just soo miss u honey . i kn0w thats all my fault coz im very ego and not think about your feel . im soo sory dear . sory sory sory :') pomish tak buat lagi . if u want to know her , juz add in fb ya . juz write HAZ LURVEE . yaa . she is lurvee & de best fwen fer me :) peace* ILYSM . miss u . miss your stupid joke . misss your cute smile . miss your big laught . miss all about you :'/ after dis weekend , i hope we close like before yaa .

yes , dis also my bestie & also be my bestie in dis year . she is very crazy ! haha . maksod i gilegile . and dis girl also fierce coz sometimes she becomes very sensitive but she is easy to cool back :) she always by my side when happy or sad . thnxs dear ! her full name nur ain baharuddin but i juz call her 'baha' . hehe . what a funny name right ? but she likes it . HAHA xD this girl very gila shopping . she bought too many things you kn0w . and addicted to eat CADBURRY ! yummy . ish3* hee ok thnz ya coz always with me and dont worry i will always beside you although there are some people disturb you ! huhu dis my pomish :') muax muax :*

keyh . dats all about my beloved bff (!) kbaii !

jangan cube-2 nak komen bi aku eh . aku taw ter0k !